Heads up captain.

A L L L A B O A R D !

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Getting hair and makeup done before last weeks performance.

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I believe in the good things coming.

Energy cannot be lost. Nothing is ever lost; it’s simply transformed. Love has shifted and changed and transformed from one shape to another but in the end it’s all the same because we are all here and we are not. I believe in the good things coming. I believe we can make it through anything. I believe in love. I believe in loss. I believe that life brings us thunderstorms but also sunshine and this is how we break and mend and learn and plant seeds for new life that needs rain and sun to grow.

I believe in the good things coming. For me. For you. For all of us.

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I feel so very blessed to… Feel. It is a blessing to be alive and have a heart that feels and loves and breaks and mends. It’s so strong, the heart. And fragile. Only a fragile heart can know great love. A big, beautiful, glowing, fragile heart that breaks and mends and breaks and mends and maybe, if we are lucky enough in this lifetime, gets to experience a love so profound that the mere possibility of loss means it might burst into a million little particles of dust so small and vast there is no way we could ever gather the pieces back into our chests and become whole again.
Yet, the heart will plunge head first into every new daring adventure at the first flutter of hope. This is what the heart does. It sees the risk and knows we might fail but chooses to love anyway.
Loving is risking a loss. Without the risk of loss there wouldn’t be true love. We’re all taking a risk and we’re all fearlessly loving and living and dying and breaking and mending and starting over yet again.

What a blessing it is, to feel. To risk.
To love.

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